Premium Frozen Yogurt Bar


Yogoluv‘s mission is to provide the best frozen yogurt experience around. Our frozen yogurt is both fantastically delicious and healthful. Yogoluv’s concept is all do-it-yourself, and with 10 different flavors at a time and 40 or more toppings, you can have your frozen yogurt exactly the way you want it. From exotic flavors like blueberry açai and pomegranate raspberry to classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate, and with toppings ranging from fresh-cut fruit to cereal and whipped cream, your creations are infinite.

Our yogurt is crafted from the highest quality ingredients and meets or exceeds standards of the National Yogurt Association. Our yogurt is real and is not made from powder and water like other stores. Yogoluv’s nutritious yogurt is Kosher, containing live and active cultures and carries the NYA Live & Active Cultures Seal.

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